Degrees of Reiki

Reiki One

This is the starting point, and is taught to people seeking to use the Reiki energy. It's usually a four hour class consisting of Attunements and thought by a Reiki Master, trained in the art of teaching Reiki and passing on the attunements. The Reiki one class will usually touch on Reiki history, benefits of Reiki, information on the chakras, hand positions and the five principal of Reiki. 


Reiki Two 

In order to take part in the second degree of Reiki you must have completed the Reiki One class. This class is generally around four hours long and is made up of learning how to use:

  • Three powerful symbols - maximizes the amount of energy that can be channeled and allows the practitioner to cleanse locations using Reiki energy
  • The Mental Symbol - allows a practitioner to work on mental or emotional imbalance
  • The Distance Symbol - allows the practitioner to work over large distances e.g.. over the phone/internet

Reiki Three 

This is where the student becomes a Master and is taught how to pass on Reiki energy to others through activation and attunements. It increases the students capacity to channel the universal energy. The student is given the Usui Master Symbol, enabling them to work on the spiritual level and find the truth within. This will allow the student to find his/her true path in life.